Friday, June 10, 2022

Four Reasons Why You Should Grow Daylilies

Have you ever wondered whether you should grow daylilies? Here are four reasons why you should.

Daylilies have been cultivated for over four thousand years. That’s right. The plants we now know as daylilies were prized by Chinese people for medicine and food. It was not until they were imported into Europe around the 16th century that they were grown for their ornamental value. They are now among the most popular of garden perennials worldwide for their beauty and low maintenance.

Each day brings something new. Though each flower lasts only one day, many more follow. The name – Hemerocallis – is the combination of two Greek words meaning “beautiful for a day.” The color palette used to be limited to yellow, orange, and red. Thanks to dedicated gardeners and plant breeders, available colors range from white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, vivid combinations, soothing pastels, and various color patterns. There’s always something fresh.

There are differences in sizes and forms. In addition to the vast range of eye-popping colors, daylilies come in many sizes and forms. There are tall ones, short ones, gigantic flowers, tiny flowers, ruffled and doubled blossoms. By carefully choosing from the many varieties, you can vary the height, color and texture in your perennial border.

Daylilies are easy to find, cultivate and propagate. If a friend has a few in her garden, you can simply ask for a division, stick in in your pocket and plant it at home. You can also purchase them online and in garden shops. Daylilies thrive in most soil types without fertilizer, insect or disease control. Don’t believe it? They can even be found growing in roadside ditches with no care whatsoever. They usually multiply each year forming clumps, so you can look forward to daylilies for many years. The daylily is the perfect perennial for every garden.

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