Friday, January 1, 2021

FAQ: How far away should my indoor plants be kept from a window?


Woman with plants

Q. Do you keep indoor plants next to windows? How far away should they be to be safe? We are in TN and weather lately has been anywhere from 20°F to 50°F.

A. In most cases it is okay for plants to be placed near windows so long as the leaves are not in contact with the glass. There is probably a greater possibility of sunburn to sensitive foliage, depending upon the direction of the exposure.

Bear in mind that the least light exposure will come through north-facing windows. East-facing windows provide plenty of light until an hour or so before noon. West-facing windows also provide plenty of light during the afternoon, but the temperature is often greater. South-facing windows provide the most heat and light.

Whether protecting your plants from cold or sunlight, you should determine the needs of your particular plants. For example, plants that grow in low light should be kept farther away from windows or grown near north-facing windows to avoid sunburn.

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