Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Are you a frequent visitor of botanical gardens?

We did a poll at goGardenNow.com asking, "How many times on average do you visit a botanical garden in a year?"

You responded thus:

Never - 13
1-2 times - 29
3-5 times - 17
6-10 times - 2
More than 10 times - 9

It's very satisfying to see that the majority of you take advantage of the many opportunities botanical gardens offer to the public. But I'm very surprised that almost 20% never visit a botanical garden during the year. That's a shame.

To help promote botanical gardens, we keep a blog page announcing various events at gardens around the country. I hope you'll visit the page at http://gogardennow.blogspot.com/p/gogardennow-botanical-garden-events.html. You can also check the gardens' event calendars.

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

FAQ: Can dwarf mondo be shipped and planted in winter?

Photo of Dwarf Mondo Grass bare root

Q. Is dwarf mondo in a dormant state to be able to be shipped and planted at this time of year or should I wait until spring?

A. Mondo is evergreen, so it never really goes dormant. It just grows slower in winter. It's a very tough plant, though, and can be planted any time of year - even in summer with adequate irrigation. You shouldn't have a problem planting now so long as you can get a shovel in the ground.  Be sure to water them in so soil will be in good contact with roots. 

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