Wednesday, June 2, 2021

FAQ: On Planting Hay-scented Ferns - Dennstaedtia puntilobula

Hay-scented ferns

How does one plant Hay-scented ferns? Inquiring minds want to know. I posted an instructional video on the topic, but it doesn't cover all the bases. Here are a couple of good questions:

Q. The video shows green fronds however the picture that accompanies the web page does not. How can I tell which is "up" if there are no fronds emerging? Thanks!

A. The rhizomes are laid horizontally into a shallow trench. There may be some new shoots emerging from the rhizomes when you receive them, which will help you determine which side is up. Even if you get it "wrong", they'll come out alright. But the correct side should be self-evident.

Hay-scented fern rhizome

Q. In your video you cover the rhizomes with potting soil.  I have a good quantity of well composted cow manure. Could I cover the rhizomes with the compost and then a layer of shredded bark to discourage weeds?

A. High quality potting soil should not have weed seeds in it, so the only weed seeds would be in your native soil surrounding the area. If you decide to use compost, I suggest you mix it with native soil, but that presents the potential weed problem. If you cover the rhizomes too deeply with soil/compost/bark, they might have difficulty emerging, if at all. So, care must be taken for that reason. Depending on  your situation, you will probably have to pull some weeds either way, but probably fewer if you use a very high quality potting soil to cover the rhizomes.

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