Thursday, March 28, 2013

FAQ: Is it okay to add paper to my composter? I was told that paper could be poisonous.

Yes, it is okay to add paper. Some inks used to contain heavy metals, but that is very seldom the case nowadays.

When composting paper, there are a few other things you should consider.

The composting process requires air circulation. Flat sheets do not allow enough air to circulate between them, therefore the paper should be shredded.

Do not use paper that is mixed with anything not compostable. For example, my paper shredder has a slot where I can run old credit cards through it. Those bits of plastic added to the composter and finally to my garden would eventually fill the planting bed with sharp little objects to pierce my flesh.

Even shredded paper, if added in large quantities, may be difficult to compost. Be sure to mix the paper with other organic materials.

Don't forget to stir the compost occasionally.

My other articles about composting include other important tips.

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