Friday, April 6, 2012

A question about organic fertilizer for a planting of Ophiopogon.

I received your call (John) last week about the dwarf ophiopogon that I ordered.  I planted them the next morning.  They arrived in good shape.  Do you have suggestions on encouraging root growth and fertilization?  (organic)  Thanks!

Of course, organic compost is fine, but it can't be worked into the soil at this point. A light application over the top is okay, so long as it doesn't cover the blades and crown. A better method would be to spray fish emulsion over the planting. Fish emulsion is just that...kind of like the stuff made with the Bass O Matic by Dan Akyroyd on Saturday Night Live (years ago). In addition to fertilizing the soil, it is a good foliar spray. It does smell somewhat.

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