Wednesday, October 6, 2010

FAQ: How long before my saffron crocus bulbs sprout?

Q. This is the first time I've grown saffron crocuses and was wondering how long before I can expect to see foliage poking out of the ground?

A. I understand that you planted them very recently. Your Crocus sativus bulbs, which sprout and bloom in fall, need to establish roots before they begin growing foliage. That may take 10 days or more, but the time is not exact because of various factors such as outdoor temperature, planting site (should be well-drained soil), planting depth, etc. I've seen fall-blooming crocuses try to grow in the box before planting, but that's not a good thing. You may get a few blooms the year in which you plant them, but you'll have a better bloom the following year.

To learn more, check out my blog article for more information on crocuses.

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