Monday, August 23, 2010

FAQ: What Is Recycled Poly Lumber?

Recycled poly (plastic) lumber, also known as RPL, is a product made from recovered plastic which looks like lumber and can be used as a wood substitute.  There are many applications for which RPL can be used.  RPL is increasingly used for fencing, railings, decking, flooring, retaining walls, shipping pallets, park benches and picnic tables, playground equipment, sign posts, and even for dock pilings and seawalls.  We at include bird houses and bird feeders constructed of recycled poly lumber among our product offerings in our eBay store. 

There are several different types of recycled plastic lumber available.  The type used in our products is a high-density polyethylene, the same material found in plastic milk jugs.  Other types may include additional materials in the mix such as thermoplastic, sawdust, fiberglass, rubber, concrete, or even steel reinforcing rods.

Recycled plastic lumber has distinct advantages over wood.  It is nontoxic, nonporous, and lasts longer than wood, unless it is one of the types that contains sawdust.  RPL is moisture resistant and does not rot, therefore it does not require maintenance with sealants or preservatives.  It is chemical resistant.  It does not crack or splinter like wood.  Painting is unnecessary because the plastic is colored throughout, and the colors never fade.  Insects will not eat it, and it does not absorb bacteria or other pathogens.  As you can see, RPL is maintenance free.  Furthermore, RPL is flexible, and can be shaped with common wood-working tools.
By recycling plastics into poly lumber, wood and plastic waste in landfills is reduced.

You can feel good about purchasing bird houses and feeders constructed of recycled poly lumber, knowing that you are buying eco-friendly products that require little or no maintenance.

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