Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Results of Community Poll Ending 18 September, 2012

Our Community Poll ending 18 September asked the question, "Where do you garden?"

22% polled said "On my own property in the city."
33% said "On my own property in the suburbs."
45% said "On my own property in the country."
None replied "In a community garden shared with others."

I should have included the answer, "I don't garden." I don't know whether any visitors didn't answer for that reason.

For those who would like to garden but don't because they don't think they have the space for it, community gardens can solve the problem. The American Community Garden Association provides lots of help for those who'd like to find a community garden nearby or start one. Even if you already have a garden, you might want to get involved helping with a community garden so you can share the pleasure of gardening with others.

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