Friday, June 29, 2012

ARTICLE: "Fire Pits Evolve in the Yard"

Jill Draper of RISMEDIA posted this very informative article.

"Since ancient times, man has been drawn to fire for food, warmth and comfort from the dark. That attraction is still going strong, and options for gathering round a backyard circle of dancing flames with family and friends are more numerous than ever.

"Whether you’re looking for a small, portable fire pit in the $100 range or a large, outdoor fireplace for $10,000 or more, you’ll want to consider the full line of products available." Read more.

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Nohemi said...

Fire pits can be a wonderful addition to any backyard or garden space. It adds a nice ambiance, and it can also serve as a grill when you have outdoor parties and gatherings. There are also an array of designs that customer can choose from. But before buying or making one, be sure that the intended place for the fire pit is safe and far from flammable materials. Also, never leave an outdoor fire unattended.

Nohemi Tutterrow