Thursday, February 16, 2012

Are your boxwoods dying?

Are your boxwoods dying? A relatively new fungus is infecting Buxus species in North America. It's called Cylindrocladium pseudonaviculatum, and it's commonly called "boxwood blight." The disease is rampant in Europe and the UK. It is not known how the pathogen arrived in the U.S. So far, it has been confirmed in at least 3 states: North Carolina, Virginia and Connecticut. You can be sure it is infecting plants elsewhere. To learn more about boxwood blight and steps to take to control it, check out this link: Boxwood Blight - A New Disease for Connecticut and the U.S.

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NellJean said...

I was startled and thought of the two small boxwood in my garden that are yellow. When I looked at the photos and the article, not what I expected. I am hoping that these are just small rooted cuttings that need spring weather to get going and are not suffering from decline.