Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Results of Community Poll ending 17 January.

Our community poll ending 17 January asked the question: "Where do you usually turn for gardening information?" Possible answers included, 1) Print media; 2) The internet. Only 2 people responded. Both answered: The internet. Well, the last month was not a good one for polling, I guess. I really want to know, though, so I've extended the time to answer by another 15 days. To answer this question, go to my BackYardFruitGuide blog.

A new Community Poll is being conducted at goGardenNow.com. It asks the question, "Do you favor All-America Selections winners for your garden?" You can participate by going to goGardenNow.com. Look for the Community Poll in the right-hand side bar. You may also participate here at goGardenNow.blogspot.com.

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