Friday, September 16, 2011

Results of Community Poll Ending 16 September, 2011

Our Community Poll ending 16 September, 2011 asked the question: How much more are you willing to spend for organic foods?

28% of respondents said, I'm not willing to spend any more.
15% of respondents said, Up to 10% more.
21% of respondents said, Up to 20% more.
15% of respondents said, Up to 30% more.
7% of respondents said, Up to 50% more.
14% of respondents said, I'll buy organic regardless of the price.

The largest single block of respondents is unwilling to spend any more. But, clearly, the results indicate that 72% of respondents are willing to pay more for organic foods. How much more is the question. Nevertheless, this indicates a growing trend among American consumers. Farmers should consider it carefully.

You're invited to participate in our current goGardenNow Community Poll which asks the question, Should the ornamental plants you purchase be raised organically? You'll find the poll in the right-hand side-bar.

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