Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Results of Community Poll Ending 16 August, 2011

Our community poll at goGardenNow.com ending 16 August asked the question, "Do you prefer to plant your vegetable garden in raised beds or traditional rows?"

70% of respondents answered, "Raised beds."
30% answered, "Traditional rows."

I recall the days when vegetable gardening in raised beds was a novelty. But beginning in the 1950s, books and articles were published that began to change things. The first I remember seeing was Ruth Stout's How to have a Green Thumb without an Aching Back: A New Method of Mulch Gardening, published in 1955. Gardening Without Work followed in 1963, and The Ruth Stout No-Work Garden Book: Secrets of the year-round mulch method in 1973. Ruth was also published in Organic Gardening and Farming Magazine by Rodale Press. Various of my family members either owned the books or subscribed to the magazine.

(By the way, Ruth was the sister of Rex Stout, author of the Nero Wolfe detective novels. Rex Stout and Nero Wolfe have their own followers!)

Two other influential books were Getting the Most from Your Garden: Using Advanced Intensive Gardening Techniques by the editors of Organic Gardening Magazine (1980) and Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew (1981), both from Rodale Press.

From those classics, ordinary people began to learn that they could produce their own food even in the city by making the best use of small plots. What was a rare practice has become more common than gardening in traditional rows. You might say that what was new has become the tradition.

Our current community poll asks the question, "How much more are you willing to spend for organic foods?" You'll find the poll in the right-hand side-bar of most pages. One exciting thought is that by growing your own, you many not need to spend ANY more for organic foods.

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