Monday, August 15, 2011

FAQ: Any solutions for getting rid of nutgrass and Bermuda grass?

I had some Bermuda grass in my yard, and my neighbor has some along one of my property lines.  I completely covered my front yard with landscape fabric, punched holes for plants, and added mulch on top.  Now I have Bermuda and “nut” grass popping through along side some plants and along one property line.  Will Lirope spicata crowd out the Bermuda?  Any other solutions for getting rid of “nut grass” and Bermuda?

Lirope spicata is an aggressive ground cover, but it isn't aggressive enough to eliminate Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) and nutgrass (Cyperus spp.). I suggest you use chemical controls. Image® is effective for nutgrass control. Ornamec®, Grass-B-Gon®, Grass Beater®, Poast®, and Envoy® are effective for control of Bermuda grass. Check the labels to determine whether the chemicals can be used over your particular ornamental plants.

When using lawn and garden chemicals, always follow label instructions.

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