Monday, May 2, 2011

Results of Community Poll Ending 2 May, 2011

Our Community Poll ending 2 May, asked the question, "Are you concerned about eating Genetically Modified (GM) foods?"

Sixty-four percent of respondents said that they are concerned about eating Genetically Modified (GM) foods. Thirty-six percent indicated that they are not concerned. I didn't follow up this question in another poll, but we would like to know why respondents are or are not concerned, so I invite you to comment to this blog post. I realize that some of the respondents to that poll will not comment. Some will comment who didn't respond to the poll. But I believe that your comments will help to provide insight.

Comments are moderated, but that is simply to exclude unwelcome persons from trying to offer their unwanted advertisements.

Our current community poll asks the question: Do you import and/or cultivate (intentionally provide safe habitat for) beneficial insects in your garden? You'll find the poll in the right-hand side-bar of most pages.

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