Thursday, March 3, 2011

FAQ: Do you have any suggestions?

"Do you have any suggestions?" is by far the most frequently asked question. This time, the query had to do with azaleas.

We planted some 1-gallon size azaleas near the street. It isn't easy to get water down there to maintain them. The azaleas died over winter. We want plants that are evergreen and flower. We really like azaleas. Do you have any suggestions?

Perhaps you needn't give up on the azaleas. This spring, plant 3-gallon size azaleas. They will be better established than the 1-gallon size. When planting, add a super absorbent polymer soil conditioner to the soil according to label instructions. You can find it sold in most garden centers under various brand names. The granules absorb many times their weight in water and release it slowly to your plants. After planting, cover the soil under and around the azaleas with a 3-inch layer of pine straw mulch.

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