Saturday, October 9, 2010

Results of Community Poll Ending 9 October, 2010

Our Community Poll just ended asked the question, What is the single biggest garden problem you've experienced this summer?
  • 50% of respondents reported abnormally hot temperatures.
  • None reported abnormally cold temperatures.
  • None reported abnormally high rainfall.
  • 22% reported abnormally low rainfall.
  • 17% reported insects or disease.
  • 11% reported having trouble finding enough time to garden.
NOAA reported that the contiguous United States experienced the fourth warmest summer on record.  In the same report, NOAA reported that 11 states experienced below normal rainfall, 11 states experienced above normal rainfall, 26 states experienced near normal rainfall.

Insects and disease can be indirectly related to weather, not only present but past.  Mild winters can result in higher insect populations.  Warm, wet summers can result in more disease.  Such wide-spread diseases as late blight complicate matters further.

It's always good to hear how other gardeners fare, even if they don't fare well.  At least we can commiserate knowing we're not alone with our troubles.

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