Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Results of Garden Poll Ending 10 May, 2010

The community poll just ended at goGardenNow.com asked the question:

Do you worry about invasive plant species?

The responses:

A lot - 42%
A little - 26%
Nope - 16%
Only if in my yard - 16%

While the poll shows that more respondents chose the first answer over the others, indicating they worry about invasive plant species a lot, it also shows that 58% don't worry much.  As with many polls, I guess, someone with zeal could interpret it in their favor to prove a point.  But it does seem to me that those who are most concerned about invasive plant species have a lot of work to do if they intend to sway public opinion.

The accompanying photo taken along a country road of two ubiquitous non-native species brings to mind the differing values of observers.  Both the honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) and the Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinensis) were introduced for their ornament value.  The farmer might despise them for encroaching upon his fields.  The gardener might loathe them for springing up among her other ornamentals.  Still others might see only their beauty or become ecstatic when the fragrance wafts their way.

One thing is certain, the 42% who worry a lot do not joy in all diversity.

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