Monday, November 2, 2009

Answers To Our Community Poll Ending November 2, 2009

Our Community Poll ending November 2, 2009 at asked the question, "During the present economic downturn, do you view gardening in general as:
  • An unnecessary expense?
  • A necessary expense?
  • An inexpensive pleasure?
  • An expensive pleasure, but worth it?"
50% of respondents said it's an expensive pleasure, but worth it.  25% of respondents said it's an inexpensive pleasure.  25% said it's a necessary expense.

No respondents answered that it's an unnecessary expense.  So what this tells me is that, whatever our respondents think of gardening, they don't intend to quit..  Of course, this is not a scientific survey, but only reflects the opinions of a select group.

Our current Community Poll asks the question, "What do you think about organic fruits and vegetables?"

Let us know what you think.  Go to, navigate away from the Home Page; our Customer Testimonials page is as good as any.  You'll find the Community Poll in the right hand column.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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