Monday, May 11, 2009

Results From Our Community Poll Ending May 11, 2009

Our Community Poll at is by no means a scientific study, but the results may interest you.

Of the participants, 50% plan to garden more this year; 30% plan to garden about the same as before; 20% plan to garden less. To be sure, times are tough, but it seems that gardening is on the upswing.
Why? Is it because folks are finding their pleasures closer to home? Is it because the economy is pinching the grocery budget?

We would like to know more of what is on your mind. Our new Community Poll at asks whether you plan to grow more edible plants or ornamental plants this year. Join our Community and let us know your plans. If you would like to share more of your thoughts on the subject, please contact us at goGardenNow.

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