Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It Takes Small Villages

Last night we ate dinner with friends. These weren't "just friends" but good friends. When we agree, we do so wholeheartedly, and also when we disagree. Our conversation covered lots of stuff: shared faith, businesses, families, successes and failures, good memories and things we've learned.

One friend said it seems like our best, cherished, and most humorous memories are of our most trying experiences. So we shared those for awhile.

Then the subject of "The Economy" was raised. Among the six of us (equal gender representation), none thought that we were actually worse off now than one year ago.

All agreed that these are fearful times. But what's new about that? One person declared that if we stopped listening to the NEWS but kept on doing business as usual (working and earning, counting our dollars, saving, contributing, spending wisely), not much would change for us.

This quote from Pat Paulson came to mind: "We have nothing to fear but fear itself...and of course, the boogieman."

We all agreed that good and manageable relationships are built upon good economies, sound and verifiable agreements, and dinner.

I remember that a politician once opined, "It takes a village!" I'm pretty sure she was thinking of a global village, diverse in constituency yet very much unified. It seems appealing. But it appears to me that if the global village errs (i.e. the village idiot is elected as sheriff; the gold is robbed from the only bank in town), all suffer.

I much prefer the diversity found in small villages where everything is experienced and managed in good proportion: business, friendships, faith, agreements/disagreements, village idiots.

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